Our SEO Process

The Importance Of A Solid SEO Foundation

We believe in building a solid SEO foundation that will allow a client’s website to grow in the search rankings over time and be resilient enough to withstand search engine changes.

Once this foundation has been formed, we can then focus our strategy on other elements of offsite SEO that help broaden exposure and generate quality leads.

The NetVida SEO Process

Every website has different issues, competitive landscape, link profile, and search rankings and therefore needs to be treated as a unique project with unique requirements and goals. That said, every SEO project contains the following four main process steps.

Step 1 – Evaluation & Research

  1. Detailed evaluation of the website for SEO architectural, content, and potential conversion issues.
  2. Research and review the online search landscape (competition, rankings, reviews).

Step 2 – Create SEO strategy and SEO actions plan

  1. Depending on the information found in our evaluation and research we will put together a strategic SEO plan.

Step 3 – Implementation of SEO strategy

Step 4 – Report & Track

  1. Review monthly actions, analytics, conversions, and ranking progress and report to client.